Logam Mulia


The company was founded by RT Braakensiek, a gold merchant around 1930 who started his business by refining gold scrap in certain locations of work.

In 1937 he settled his business on Jalan Gajah Mada 84, Jakarta and began to refine gold from Bengkulu and Cikotok gold mine besides gold scrap.
In 1949 this private enterprise turned into a legal entity called NV Essaieur en Affinage Bedrijf v/h RT Braakensiek. In 1957 the company was taken over by Bank Industri Negara and changed its named into PT Logam Mulia (Logam Mulia Ltd).

At January 1,1961 under PP No.281/1961, PT Logam Mulia became a state owned company named PN Logam Mulia. At December 31,1974 in accordance with PP No.320/1974. PN Logam Mulia became one of production units of PT Aneka Tambang named Unit Pengolahan dan Pemurnian Logam Mulia (Precious Metal Refinery) and since April1,1979 the plant was then relocated to Pulogadung in East Jakarta.

Logam Mulia main business recently depends on dore bullion’s supplied from several national mining companies and Pongkor gold mine business unit of PT Antam Tbk. The maximum refining capacity of Logam Mulia is around 60 tons of gold and 250 tons of silver per year. Currently Logam Mulia operates about 60 % of maximum capacity, and still try to increase it due to the upcoming opening of new gold mines or traditional mines.
Our current progresses to improve our quality of products and services :

Develop a new refining process by introducing a chlorination process which was already begun at the end of August 1998.
Achieve an ISO 25 accreditation for laboratory assaying by the end of 1998, and further improved into ISO 17025 on June 2003.
Achieve an accreditation from London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) at January 1st, 1999.
Install a new security system based on international standard.
Our planning for the upcoming years are becoming a well known company in refining precious metals and also in manufacturing.
In order to achieve our company goal, we have declared our company Vision and Mission.

To become a reliable, prominent and competitive company in the precious metal refinery and jewelleries industry, nationally as well as internationally.

To generate a guaranteed quality products and in accordance with customer needs through efficient management of all available resources, while observing responsibility for environment in order to provide maximum benefit to all stockholder.

Source : http://logammulia.com