Dahlan Iskan: There are 3 Plans To Raise SOEs


SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan reveals his plan of raising three State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) for the prosperity of the people in the food sector, property, and transportation.

“I had big plans and create a strong state capable of defeating the private sector,” Dahlan said on the sidelines of the “Independent Economic Forum”, here on Thursday.

According to Dahlan, currently the closest desire on his mind is meraksasakan Food SOEs in order to maintain food security from possible food crisis.

“All this in normal conditions we are still importing rice from the dependency of other countries. What if Thailand, Vietnam, India, and China suddenly can not meet demand for rice from Indonesia. It can make our food difficulties,” he said.

For the former Director of PT PLN is determined to build a state-owned enterprises to synergize the three state-owned Food (Sang Hyang Series, Agricultural, and Pusri) to print 1 million hectares of new agricultural land until 2014.

“SOE will intervene with the corporate approach to solve the constraints in the development of food security,” he said.

In the field of transportation, Dahlan said the industry will build a ship carrying commodities such as oil, palm oil, and coal.

“Synergy Enterprises in the transport sector can be made between PT Bukit Asam, and other state-owned shipping. During this state too much to rent a boat up to trillions of dollars to distribute commodities,” he said.

For that added Dahlan, it was time the industry made by the ship financing guarantee schemes.

In terms of infrastructure Dahlan see that at this time which should be quickly developed the Port of Tanjung Priok. “This port is very strategic because of the traffic of ships and goods in huge quantities. In addition to also develop the Port of Palm Oil in Kuala Tanjung,” he said.

He describes how the current Indonesia have been inadequate logistics infrastructure which resulted in a high cost economy.

Meanwhile on land transport Dahlan minded developing railroad (KA) can overcome the constraints of the distribution of goods and services that have been hampered by the limitations of the road.

“In the next two years we have completed the construction of double track railway from Jakarta to Surabaya,” he said.

Dahlan also highlights the distribution of oil and gas mainly from East Java to West Java as well as in several other areas in Indonesia.

“The construction of LNG receiving terminal and gas pipeline trans Java I’ll force can be completed in two years. In addition to accommodating to the needs of domestic gas, the terminal can also be used for export purposes,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the property sector, Dahlan reveals that at present many unproductive state-owned assets which, if managed in a corporation would give a huge advantage for the country.

“The potential of non-productive state-owned assets under management of which can reach about 500 trillion that can be cultivated and developed Perumnas Train and PT Indonesia,” he said.


source : investor.co.id