Breakfast Dialogue with Hotbonar Sinaga “SOCIAL SECURITY ORGANIZATION”‏‏


PT. Jamsostek will be transformed into a social security organizing body (BPJS) for workers and PT Askes will become the BPJS for health according to Law No. 24/2011.

“Under a new mandate, the BPJS for workers is required to provide pension benefits for both formal and informal workers, and this will take full effect on July 1, 2015,” said Hotbonar Sinaga, CEO of Jamsostek, at a breakfast dialogue held by The President Post at The Financial Club Jakarta (15/02/2012).

Jamsostek currently provides Health Care Benefit, Retirement Security Program, Death Insurance, and Work-Related Accident Insurance.

Meanwhile, BPJS Health will focus on providing health care services for all Indonesian citizens, including those who had applied for Health Care Benefit with PT Jamsostek. BPJS Health is expected to operate in January 2014. BPJS Health will take over several health care programs such as Jamkesmas (community health insurance) and Jamkesda (regional health insurance).

Anyone is welcome to become BPJS members as long as they pay contributions, including foreigners who have worked in Indonesia for more than six months, employees and employers, individuals, and government institutions that employ civil servants.

PT Jamsostek will still run its existing Jamsostek programs as mandated in Government Decree No. 36/1995 and Law No. 3/1992, until the BPJS for workers is working in full swing.

To date, there are 34 million workers registered as Jamsostek members, yet only 10.6 million have active status.

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written by Filly Sumayku, picture by Nandi Nanti