Sampoerna Academy: Comprehensive Education for Everyone


Sampoerna Academy has announced that it is now opening wider opportunities for everyone who wishes to study in this international-standard boarding high school and those who wish to be the next high-caliber future leaders with good moral fiber.

The payable system is applied to answer the demand for better quality of education in Indonesia.

“Payable system students will also follow the selection procedures just like all scholars based on academic achievement, good character, and leadership qualities,” said Elan Merdy, Senior Director of Sampoerna Foundation.

The education system in Sampoerna Academy not only requires students to achieve high academic ranking, but also personal skills and abilities that show productivity, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship.

It implements boarding school system for its students. The advantage of the system is that it optimizes academic learning, character development and social values, such as integrity, mutual respect, empathy, innovation, courageousness, open-minded and nationalism. These values are important elements needed to build prospective future leaders.

Sampoerna Academy education system is supported by a strong academic environment that gives access to higher education, foreign and domestic, including career plan and strong alumni network. Sampoerna Academy also created relevant education, active, and is recognized internationally. The system also educates students to be responsible for their actions and to contribute to society.

Sampoerna Academy is part of the realization of Sampoerna Foundation’s vision, which was launched in 2009. Up to now, the program has been implemented in four cities, namely Malang (affiliated with SMAN 10 Malang), Palembang (affiliation with SMAN South Sumatra), Bali (Sampoerna Academy) and Bogor (Sampoerna Academy).

Sampoerna Academy is equipped with qualified teachers and high quality curriculum, which combines national curriculum and International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE) accredited by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, and English proficiency that enables graduates to qualify for entry into any leading university in any English-speaking country.

In 2011, Sampoerna Academy students achieved remarkable success in the international certification exam conducted by the University of Cambridge, IGCSE. Based on the cumulative percentage mark, Sampoerna Academy students managed to surpass the results of the world average mark for several subjects: Mathematics, Art & Design, Biology, Chemistry, Information Technology and Communication, Additional Mathematics and Physics.

That was the first IGCSE exam for Sampoerna Academy and they showed very satisfactory results. In fact, three students from Sampoerna Academy scored 100 (Percentage Uniform Mark), which means they are the best group in the world for the field test.

Similar to most international schools, Sampoerna Academy also implements Student Centered Learning methodology which encourages students to be more active, stimulate creativity and create fun learning atmosphere for both teachers and students. This method facilitates students to attain the ability of independent learning equipped with science skills, process skills which support life skills.

Students will undergo academic education in class for 8-9 hours with 45 minutes duration per lesson. Outside the classroom, students are encouraged to join student clubs activities such as music activities, Science Club, English Club, Community Service and other student clubs which suit students’ interest.

As an extracurricular activity, Sampoerna Academy also implements the Youth Entepreneurship program to help students develop their interest and entrepreneurial spirit. In this program, students are given the opportunity to choose any business that they are interested in and get the chance to have first-hand experience in working there. Other supporting program is Learning to Live (L2L), a program designed to foster the sense of curiosity, improve students’ confidence, and encourage them to become a good citizens. There are four pillars embodied in L2L program: Well Being, Creativity and Art, Community Service and Global Citizenship.

Teachers in the Sampoerna Academy are well-selected persons who have passed the required qualification standards. The main requirement is able to teach in English so that the learning materials based on IGCSE curriculum can be properly delivered. Currently, some of the teachers already have Cambridge certification. In the future, all Sampoerna Academy’s teachers will hold the Cambridge certification through professional development programs. Teachers also participated in educational extracurricular activities.