E-Procurement, PT Jamsostek’s Way To Eradicate Corruption

E-Procurement, PT Jamsostek’s Way To Eradicate Corruption

PT Jaminan Sosial Tenaga Kerja (Jamsostek) is committed to completely eradicate corrupt practices through the implementation of e-procurement and computerized procurement systems.

“E-procurement and computerization is a commitment and agreement that we must runtogether so that the application of anti-bribery policies in the company can work well andproperly,” said president director of PT Jamsostek Hotbonar Sinaga through press releases.

In concrete terms, PT Jamsostek plans to make a anti-bribery program in a policy to eradicate corruption.

To that end, it was in this case the owner of the company, directors and board of commissioners, may appoint a senior company officials to develop programs antisuaptogether. He hopes that this program so the company can contribute to the fight against corruption in Indonesia.


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