North Sumatera is Potential To Become The Center of Economic Growth in Indonesia


North Sumatra Governor, Gatot Pujo Nugroho, said that the North Sumatera Province is a potential growth center in the western part of Indonesia. He said that the natural resources of North Sumatra were quite a lot, as well as the location is very strategic because it is directly adjacent to the waterway.

He also explained that the government today has programmed more development across Indonesia, including in North Sumatra which is in addition to the area is quite spacious also has abundant natural resources. With the natural resources it possessed, North Sumatra have also contributed significantly to the growth of development in Indonesia, he said.

The government could collect taxes by 28.8 trillion of CPO through the Port of Belawan. The government has made the Sei Mangke become one of the central cluster in the oil industry.

According to him, the central government was already aware of the development should not be done in Java, but also had to reach into areas such as North Sumatra.