President: APBN-P 2013 Needs To Be Stipulated Immediately


Revised State Budget (APBN-P) 2013 should be stipulated immediately since it relates to the allocation of the compensation fund for the subsidized oil fuel price hike. This was affirmed by the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in the restricted cabinet meeting. This meeting discussed the government’s plan to increase subsidized oil fuel price and its compensation.

President stated, all ministers in the United Indonesia Cabinet II will finalize the RAPBN-P 2013 to be discussed with DPR next week. “The leaders of DPR, ministries, and I work day and night for APBN-P. If the assumptions change, everything may change. Let’s set a target that we can achieve. So, the implementation will be good and more realistic,” said President when he opened the cabinet meeting.

President also delivered his wish to have a consultation meeting with the leaders in DPR. Yet, it is postponed due to the recess period. “So, the meeting can be held on the upcoming May 13th,” he said.

Therefore, President has instructed Ministry of Finance and related ministries to prepare RAPBN-P without waiting for the meeting. “As soon as the compensation budget is ready, oil fuel price hike applies, and it is very urgent. It is because if the assumptions change, the APBN will change, the growth will change as well,” stated President.