APBN-P 2013 Increased to Rp 348.1 trillion


In APBN 2013, the total subsidy was budgeted at Rp 317.2 trillion, while in APBN-P 2013, it increased to Rp 348.1 trillion.

Food sector is one of the sectors, in which the government concerns most in APBN-P 2013. It is reflected in the food subsidy increase of Rp 4.3 trillion from Rp 17.2 trillion in APBN 2013 to Rp 21.5 trillion in APBN-P 2013.

The increase of subsidy spending occurs in oil fuel subsidy in amount of Rp 6.1 trillion, from previously Rp 193.8 trillion (in APBN 2013) to Rp 199.9 trillion (in APBN-P 2013). Electricity subsidy also increases by Rp 19.1 trillion, from Rp 80.9 trillion in the APBN 2013 to Rp 100 trillion in APBN-P 2013.