Taman Nusa: Indonesian Cultural Centre in Bali


Taman Nusa is a cultural park that displays the kaleidoscope of traditional houses from the many different islands and deep rooted cultures and traditions that distinguishes this large tropical archipelago. The park was opened recently on 10 July 2013.

The Indonesian cultural centre that aims to offer comprehensive information on the cultures of Indonesia’s various ethnic groups in the most attractive and interactive ways, while enjoying the natural beauty of Bali. Its mission is to provide a conservation, didactic and recreative means for both domestic and foreign visitors to accurately understand the depiction of Indonesia.

Located on 15 hectares of land on the lush mountain side near the town of Gianyar, cut by the river Melangit in the south east of Bali, Taman Nusa is the latest attraction of this fabulous island, sited in the village of Sidan. Designed as a cultural and recreation park, it is built to conserve cultural traits and educate visitors and future generations of the multi-cultural unity that is Indonesia.

Taman Nusa is divided into several stages in the long history of the archipelago, from Indonesia’s prehistoric past, through the bronze age, then the age of Indonesia’s mighty kingdoms that reached its apex in the construction of the Borobudur temple and the powerful Majapahit kingdom which united a large part of present-day Indonesia, to the colonial period by western powers, to the age of Independence, then finishing with a vision on Indonesia of the future.

In the cultural park are no less than 60 traditional houses in their actual sizes, that include houses from Nias, the Batak of Lake Toba, the Dayak houses of Kalimantan, Toraja in Sulawesi, the Javanese pendopo, the Balinese village and many m more. The architecture of these structures can be identified among those with Hindu and Buddhist features, Islamic elements, Dutch colonial mansions, Chinese influences to modern architecture.

To enhance the cultural experience of visitors to Taman Nusa, is a large Auditorium, an exhibition hall, souvenir shops, rest areas, 6 studios and two restaurants. One serving Indonesian food called Restaurant Dapur Nusa, and the other serving international cuisine called Restaurant Royal Sidan.

Taman Nusa is open daily from 08.30 to 17.00 hrs.

For detailed information, you can log on to www.taman-nusa.com