Jember Fashion Carnaval 2013


The spectacular Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) 2013 will again take center stage this year when it will be rolled out on 23 to 25 August in the town of Jember in East Java.

Theme of this year’s Jember Fashion Carnaval is: “ArTechsion”, to be divided into 10 sub themes, namely : Tribe, Tibet, Betawi, Octopus, Bamboo, Art Deco, Canvas, Beetle, Spider, and Venice.

Having started as a local event, in 2003 fashion designer Dynand Fariz recreated the fashion show into a Carnaval, at first to celebrate the anniversary of the town of Jember. Since then, the JFC has grown into one of Indonesia s largest and most prestigious Carnavals.

Using the concept of the Four E’s, namely Education, Entertaiment, Exhibition and Economic Benefit, JFC will feature 650 participants who will walk along the 3.6 km. runway from Central Park to the Jember Sports Hall, where will be displayed an array of spectacular costumes that have their roots in the many cultures of the Indonesian archipelago.

Preparations for this spectacular event have taken one whole year. Participants come from a wide variety of circles and age groups from throughout Indonesia, mostly comprising artists, designers, fashionistas, fashion media, models to students.