PT DI Exports The Components of Airbus A380



PT Indonesian Aerospace (PT DI) showed its presence in the Indonesian aircraft industry. Besides making the aircraft, the state-owned companies also supply many aircraft components, such as the component of a giant plane, Air Bus A380.

Director of Technology Development of PT DI, Andi Alisjahbana, said that PT DI had been long enough to supply A380 aircraft’s components. Andi even mentioned that if PT DI did not supply these components, the A380 can not fly.

PT DI also export other aircraft components with the total component exports reached USD 30 million a year, or around Rp 342 billion. Various components are exported to the needs of a wide variety of aircraft.

Andi admitted that exporting aircraft components is only slightly in the year, but the export value is high because of the high price of these components. Export aircraft components per year reached USD 25 million – USD 30 million.