Jokowi Wants To Work On Capsules Metro



Governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo, claimed to be interested in mass transportation of metro capsules. He also has asked the Vice Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama , to study the construction of the metro capsules project proposal. However, Jokowi denied that  if the metro capsule is the mode of transportation that will replace the monorail.

Jokowi said that compared with the monorail and MRT,  metro capsules has the technology that is cheaper and effective, so it is worth a try to be developed. According to him, this mode of transportation can be integrated with other transport systems such as monorail and transJakarta, as well as other modes of transportation in the surrounding region.

Beside of that, the presence of metro capsules can also add mass transportation options in Jakarta. He said Jakarta has a lot of tracks. Jokowi pointed out, in Eastern Europe, although the population is only 1.8 million but they already has supportive mass transportation, starting from tramp underground, buses, trains, and other mass transportation.