Revolutionizes Online Competition and User Engagement

Left to right: Dimas Prasetya (Country Head Indonesia, Yoevan Wiraatmaja (Brand client pertama, Rinni Wulandari (Pemenang Indonesian Idol Season 4), William S. Gondokusumo (Co-Founder

Presidential candidates, Prabowo and Jokowi are using Indonesian-built company, as one of their media platforms to engage their voters across Indonesia. The Presidential Candidates join 50 other brands and companies using the pioneering Indonesian company to engage its over 60,000 registered users with more than 650 Superfans (winners of certain campaigns).

In a customer gathering celebrating the achievements of within their six months of launching and conducted at Downtown Bistro, Jakarta, announced how they have revolutionized online competitions and user engagement in one platform for the first time in the world. It is a website that focuses solely on running competitions and campaigns that is easy and fun for everyone to use.

Rinni Wulandari (Indonesian Idol Winner Season # 4) and Lucky Octavian (Member of Idol Divo) provided entertainment at the celebration together with other proud customers and supporters of the new pioneering company.

Co-Founder of Kaskus, Ken Dean Lawadinata praised’s efforts, “A Campaign has always been about getting our voice heard. Sometimes an individual does it, sometimes it’s a group of people, and sometimes it’s a country. Some are successful but most of them fail. In reality getting our voice heard has never been easy. With they simply enable us and enable our voices to be heard by millions. My very best wishes go out to the Campaign Team!” is also trying to change the way people compete online from conventional methods to the new methods, which are more convenient, fresh and simple. For example, a user can follow a competition or campaign through mobile messages such as WhatsApp, WeChat, BBM, Line, KakaoTalk and others.

By using these mobile messages, the user does not need to open a laptop and browse for what they need. They can send their photos to a predefined number, along with the complete data of themselves and have their photo appear on the immediately. Users can also do the same via email to a specified email address. Email campaign at

“ is the solution for all. Promotional activities and competitions online are now more widespread and persuasive. Doing online campaigns is also in great demand because it is easy and does not take a lot of time and energy. Traditionally, online competitions are hosted on different websites which makes it difficult to gain awareness. Users will have to go to a variety of sites to discover and join different campaigns, explained William S. Gondokusomo, President Director,

William added, “ addresses and solves the challenges of online competitions and engages and brings the users closer to each brand with its superfan concept. It is a pioneering platform offered to a variety of brands encouraging users to compete and share photos.”

Since its established in October 2013, has already run more than 100 competitions/campaigns, working together with more than 50 well-known brands, such as; Maybelline, Garnier, Chatime, Champ Resto (Platinum, Gokana, BMK), KTV Inul Vizta, Sensitif Test Pack, Vivo Condom, Lotte Shopping Avenue, L-Men and others. also runs in Singapore, working with major corporations like; Swensens, PUB, Sogurt, Udders Ice Cream, SIWW with and much more.

Currently is focusing more on seeking superfans for each of their represented brands. helps bring their represented brands closer to the users who become brand lovers themselves. Through certain competitions, the brand will find their superfan, who might be able to become a Brand Ambassador.