Government Proactive to Build Tanjung Lesung Infrastructure

Tanjung Lesung

tanjung lesung – Research and Development Center for Roads and Bridges (Puslitbang BLTJ-Pusjatan) Ministry of Public Works in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism proactively to build roads in ten of potential tourism destination in 2016, one of them is in Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Tanjung Lesung.

“The result of intensive coordination between BLTJ with Assistant Deputy for Destinations and Tourism Industry Affairs Ministry of Tourism, we support to build roads in the tourism area. A touch from natural wealth can color the design of the road itself,” said Head of Puslitbang BLTJ-Pusjatan Ministry of Public Works Muhammad Idris at the Indonesia Traffic Engineering Camp (IndoTrEC) 2015 in Bandung, Tuesday (10/7/2015).

Although still under discussion, he said, BLTJ-Pusjatan Ministry of Public Works will continue to support the implementation of tourism road construction.

“Although still under discussion, we must be proactively preparing. How do we see the needs from our partners, in this case the Ministry of Tourism,” he said.

Idris said the Ministry of Public Works, in this case BLTJ-Pusjatan, preparing cooperation with the guidelines and specifications draft concerning tourism road construction.

“Actually, our duty is only to prepare. For technical implementation, we’ll work closely with the Ministry of Transportation,” he said.

Idris expects, the tourism road construction guidelines and specifications draft can be completed in early 2016 and immediately be socialized to the relevant ministries, namely the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Transportation.

Tenth tourism destinations priority were chosen from 88 National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN) because it has the potential to be developed, such as Tanjung Lesung, Mandalika, Morotai, Lake Toba, Kepulauan Seribu, Labuhan Bajo, Yogyakarta, Wakatobi, Belitung, and Bromo.

“We do not only make access, but also how to keep the roads between tourism destinations in the region created in such an interesting way,” he said.

Some aspects to be considered in the tourism road construction, according to him, is clearly different from the usual road construction. Aspects of ecosystems, local knowledge and aesthetics will be prioritized in the planning design that will hold the architects.(qoi)