Unair Researcher Creates Toxoplasmosis Diagnose Kit Like Pregnancy Test Kit


In the near future, people will not have to see the doctor and spend a lot of money to diagnose toxoplasmosis.

Researchers at Airlangga University (Unair) Surabaya has been perfecting a device able to detect early symptoms of toxoplasmosis so that people can easily recognize the disease, as easy as using a pregnancy test kit.

A leading pharmaceutical company had agreed to mass produce and market it. However, the company asked the Unair researchers team to enhance the kit to be more practical to use.

In pregnant women, the toxoplasmosis may cause miscarriage or serious defects to the babies.

Mufasirin, Deputy Dean of the Veterinary Faculty at Unair, said on Saturday (25/2) that infant with hydrocephalus or head enlargement, smaller head size or babies born without a skull have been found in many cases of toxoplasmosis infection.

The development is also being done so that the kit will not only diagnose toxoplasmosis, but also other diseases detectable through blood serum test.

Not only practical and fast, the device is also being perfected to make it easy to find with affordable price.

During this time, Mufasirin said, people must go to a laboratory or hospital to diagnose the symptoms of toxoplasmosis.

Besides expensive, the hospital diagnosis process takes days. With the kit it will only need a few minutes to know that the symptoms are caused by protozoa from warm-blooded animals.

The device, said Mufasirin, contains a reagent which will visualize the reaction of antigen and antibody into a signal after the blood sample attached.

Mufasirin claimed the “Toxo Kit” is only toxoplasmosis detector made in Indonesia. According to him, there are similar products made overseas, but they are used for animals.

“The price in Indonesia will be relatively expensive, above Rp100,000. I hope the ‘Toxo Kit’ can be sold below Rp70,000 in the market,” said Mufasirin.