President University Students Urge Women to be Brave Dealing with Verbal Abuses


To commemorate the International Women’s Day, a group of students of Communication Sciences Faculty at the President University has participated in voicing women’s issues during the rally of Women’s March held in Jakarta. The group, named Lumiere Project, raised the issue of ‘catcall’ as a form of verbal abuse against women that are common in many street corners.

According to Jessica, Lumiere Project coordinator, the issue can be experienced by anyone not only women.

“Catcall is a form of verbal abuse that is often aimed at women, but men who are considered weak sometimes also the targets. This is an issue that is considered to be trivial, but the negative impact mentally is quite significant,” Jessica said on Saturday (3/4) during the rally at the State Palace.

“We want to open the eyes of the public that those who experienced verbal abuses should not be standing still. No need to fear, show courage, and keep walking straight, and be strong physically and mentally. Be firm while saying to the perpetrators no funny stuff,” Jessica said firmly.

The message ‘no funny stuff’ was the major campaign jargon of Lumiere Project which has also been done online. Through #JanganMacamMacam and #StrongInsideOut hashtags on Instagram, the students encourage the victims of catcall to voice their feelings.

One of President University professor who joined the rally said she hoped the voices and aspirations of women would be more heard.

“I am pleased to see the spirit of women to be united. During this time women feel their voices are less heard. Perhaps by uniting into a group of ten, a hundred, a thousand, even a million then the influence will be bigger so that even the ignorant ones will hear our concerns. I hope the movement will be consistent, inspiring and positive,” said Anathasia Citra.

The campaign activity of Lumiere project is one of a series of learning session in Public Relations Communication Study Program of the President University aiming to apply the concepts that have been taught in the classroom.