Spectacular Sunrise from Punthuk Setumbu Hill, Magelang


The best place to enjoy sunrise maybe is from the top of Punthuk Setumbu Hill. With the background of the Borobudur temple and Mount Merapi, the sunrise scene looks spectacular.

Magelang, a town with abundant charms, can be reached from the city of Yogyakarta by two hours driving for about 40 kilometers distance.

The location of Punthuk Setumbu Hill is actually very convenient. After entering the town of Magelang, you go to the direction to the Borobudur Temple. Once arriving at the front of the temple, you then follow the street signs. However, if you are still confused about the directions, every 4 – 5 am a number of taxi motorists are ready to take you up to the Punthuk Setumbu Hill. Of course it will cost you between Rp30,000 and Rp50,000. The prices are reasonable enough rather than having to get lost and end up losing the moment of sun rising.

The Setumbu Punthuk Hill is located in the village of Karangrejo, Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, with a height of about 400 meters. The hilltop is high enough to have a view with a very beautiful background. The Mount Merapi and Merbabu stands in the back grandly, while Borobudur looks as if floating above the clouds to create a mystique.

Entering the hill area is charged Rp15,000. The path is quite steep, but the land has been compacted with stones, so it is quite easy to negotiate and it takes about 15 minutes to get to the hilltop but still it would make you wheeze. Once on the top, you will find an elongated land usually crowded with visitors, so if you are late you will not get the best spot to enjoy and take pictures of the sunrise.

Few tips from my recent visit to Punthuk Setumbu Hill are go to the hill in dry season, wake up early and try to get to the hilltop before 5 am and bring telezoom lens for capturing the Borobudur temple which is about four kilometers under the hill. It is guaranteed you will get amazing and magical views.