Bawen-Yogya Toll Road Targeted to Complete in 2019


Central Java Provincial Government has targeted to finish the construction of Bawen-Yogyakarta toll road in 2019. The environmental impact analysis (EIA/amdal) and the detailed engineering design (DED) are expected to be done this year.

Regional Secretary of Central Java Province Sri Puryono said after the EIA and DED completed, in 2018 it will proceed with land acquisition as well as physical development. “The target is in 2019 it’s already finished. The EIA is being prepared and will be evaluated by a reliably team of assessors, both from Jakarta and Central Java,” he said.

Puryono further said that the road alignment will also be completed this year. The Bawen-Yogyakarta toll road will be 70 kilometers in length. The toll road is divided into two segments, namely Bawen-Magelang and Magelang-Yogyakarta. It will connect to the existing toll road of Semarang-Bawen and being planned Solo-Yogyakarta.

According to him the Central Java administration will intensely socialize the project to the public to smoothen the land acquisition process. Rukma Setyabudi, Chairman of Central Java parliament urged the government to immediately realize this project. “I think it’s great, the toll road will shorten the time we need to go,” he said.

Actually the proposal of Yogya-Solo construction has been submitted to the central government before Semarang-Bawen was built. Earlier, Governor of Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono (HB) X said the two toll roads (Yogya-Bawen and Yogya-Solo) are part of the development of the trans-Java highway.

The two toll roads will support the NYIA Airport as well as the tourism development in Borobudur and other destinations in Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang (Joglosemar). Sultan suggested the construction of the Yogyakarta-Solo toll road to be designed as elevated highway. One reason was to avoid the acquisition of land around Prambanan which is allegedly to be historical sites.