E-Logistics Uses Real-Time Technology


Logistics have been admittedly as one of the causes of high cost of economy in Indonesia. According to the government data, 25 percent of the increasing cost of a product is contributed by logistics.

In e-commerce, logistics are also a central issue in addition to the method of payment. The market keeps growing as well as the e-payment method but when it comes to logistics, it is still left behind.

To cover the gap, Iruna e-Logistics, introducing itself as the first e-logistics company in Indonesia, offers a convenient logistics solutions based on digital technology.

“We appear to complete the e-commerce in Indonesia, in order to run it faster,” said Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Iruna e-Logistics, Yan Hendry Jauwena, in the launching of the company in Sunter, North Jakarta, on Thursday (3/30).

Yan said the company will help connect the logistics solutions end to end, from taking the product from the seller, storage it in the warehouse, packaging it, until the strategy of last mile to deliver it to the customer.

In this technology-based delivery service, Iruna e-Logistics understands and anticipates the problem regarding the infrastructure in the country that has not been yet perfect. Therefore Iruna can guarantee the delivery on time and the users can monitor their packages in real-time.