Ijen’s Blue Fire is One of the Only Two in the World


One goal of the tourists climbing Mount Ijen in Banyuwangi with an altitude of 2,443 meters above sea level is to see the blue fire in the crater. Not only the domestic tourists, but the foreign tourists are usually also eager to see it.

Basically the blue fire can be seen after the sunset until the dawn. The reason is easy, as far as there is sunlight the blue fire won’t be on sight.

However do you know that the blue fire in the crater of Mount Ijen is not actual fire?

Blue fire is a natural phenomenon, created by the gas coming out of the ground after meeting with oxygen. It looks exactly like a flame with blue color.

Nevertheless, the tourists usually talking or even debating on how the blue fire in the crater happen. In fact the phenomenon of blue fire is already known by the world travelers. Indonesia should be proud to have such a phenomenon which is only two in the world, the other one is in Iceland.

For the travelers who want to enjoy the blue fire, they have to climb Mount Ijen. From the first post of Paltuding, they will need to hike for about three kilometers to the top of the mountain.

The first one kilometer is not that steep. The second kilometer is the heaviest terrain to hike, while the last one kilometer is rather moderate. Once getting on the top of the mountain, visitors still have to go down to the crater through an 800-meter staircase to see the blue fire.

The best time to see the blue fire is a couple hours before dawn until about 5 am. In this period of time, the oxygen is quite plenty so the blue fire will look perfect. Oh, for your information, the phenomenon of blue fire was first reported by the local communities in 1950!