J&T Alibaba Brings Indonesian SME Products to International Markets


Alibaba.com in cooperation with J&T Express held an official launching with a theme of “Let the World Believe in Indonesian Products” at Ayana Hotel on Tuesday (09/05).

Also attending the event were Deputy for Production and Marketing of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs I Wayan Dipta MSc., Director of J&T Alibaba Oliver Yang, and General Manager of Overseas B2B of Alibaba Grop Jack Zhang.

J&T Alibaba is a strategic partnership between technology-based logistics company in Indonesia J&T Express with Alibaba.com, a leading global e-commerce portal in the world for Business to Business (B2B).

With the mission of advancing the Indonesian economy through a technology-based business, J&T Alibaba aims to boost the Indonesia’s economic growth, particularly the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other business players who want to sell Indonesian products to international markets.

Deputy of Production and Marketing I Wayan Dipta MSc. said, “Hopefully with Alibaba’s involvement in Indonesia, more and more products of the nation’s producers can be recognized by the world, especially products of SMEs.”

He added, “We hope the J&T Alibaba will encourage the SMEs to join, so that our SME products can penetrate the global market.”

J&T Alibaba provides global access for Indonesian entrepreneurs through digital platforms and offers services to SMEs in Indonesia, in order to overcome their challenges in exporting their products. It includes consulting and educational programs on e-commerce, export, and marketing strategies and access to a pool of potential buyers from around the world.

In addition, through a program called SMEkers Zone, J&T Alibaba will help in mapping the local products typical of their respective regions in order to be more noticeable. This is in line with government initiatives in encouraging the SME sector.

On the occasion, Director of J&T Alibaba Oliver Yang said, “J&T Alibaba officially stands as Alibaba.com’s business partner in Indonesia, not as a logistics partner. We are committed to advancing the Indonesian economy by encouraging the SME sector. We equip the Indonesian entrepreneurs to become superior businesspersons and introduce proudly the Indonesian products to the international market.”

“We provide an accurate and efficient technology-based business platform and international access. J&T Alibaba hopes to contribute to this country by advancing the SMEs,” he continued.

In response, the General Manager of Overseas B2B of Alibaba Group Jack Zhang said, “We see a great potential for Indonesian medium scale entrepreneurs and quality of Indonesian products, but they have problems in selling their products to the domestic and international markets.”

“Therefore, Alibaba.com cooperates with J&T Express, which has a strong network spreading all over Indonesia, to become our official partner in Indonesia. We hope this solid synergy can make a significant contribution to the Indonesian economy,” he added.

Referring to the Deloitte Access Economics report, the increased use of digital platforms by SMEs in Indonesia can contribute the country’s economy growth by 2%. However, only 9% of a total of 56.5 million SMEs are utilizing the online platforms or having online stores. According to the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) it already reached 15.8%, but still the lowest among the Southeast Asian countries.

J&T Alibaba offers International Free Member (IFM) program and Global Gold Supplier (GGS). Specific to GGS members, there is a package of basic, standard and premium to meet all customer needs according to their size, industry, product and category.

GGS members will get an exclusive offer of expert business consulting assistance, access to buyer demand, also appears as a higher order priority than free members (IFM) on Alibaba.com’s first page when buyers enter a related keyword.

By providing reliable access and sound briefing, J&T Alibaba has faith that the world will believe in the quality of Indonesian products. (Fakhri / TPP)