Tourist from England Wowed by Walo Nias Beach


North Nias regency is one of the regions resulted from the expansion of Nias Regency. North Nias Regency owns many tourism potentials that can increase its PAD (regional origin revenue). The most prominent tourist attraction is Walo Beach, a beach which is not less beautiful than Kuta and other beaches in Indonesia.

Walo Beach, about 1 hour drive from the regency capital city, is a beach not widely known yet especially by foreign tourists and is the main attraction of North Nias Regency.

Walo Beach has a stunning beauty, white sand, and with sea waves very challenging for the surfers, while along the coast there are coconut trees lined up.

Nevertheless there are still some weaknesses to marketing this beach as a tourism object to be known internationally.

As stated by Darwis Zalukhu, one of the innkeepers, since the inn built the role of the government has yet to touch to help develop the tourist destination. “We expect the support of the government, in this case the Tourism Ministry, in order to allocate regional funds for the construction of lodging or homestay. During this time the number foreign tourists visiting the beach is very small, due to lack of promotion from the government,” he said.

“The Inn at Walo Beach is still very small too, only 6 rooms. If there is a support from the government by granting or lending fund for building additional rooms for tourists, then the number of tourists will increase significantly,” added Darwis.

In addition to the lack of lodging, there can be said no promotion at all for the beach through the internet. It was revealed when Gregory Tollerache, a British tourist, said how he knew about the beach.

He said that Walo Beach is not less beautiful with the beaches he visited such as in Bali, Lombok and other regions. According to him, Walo Beach is very suitable for tourists who like to surf because the waves are very challenging.

“I’ve been here for two weeks. I know this beach from friends who have visited here, not from social media or the internet,” he said. “The people around the beach are very friendly, although the inn is simple but I am very happy, I like Indonesian food, fried rice, and papaya leaves,” he added. (Soni)