Indonesian Students Win Geoscience Industrial Week in Malaysia


Students of Padjadjaran University (Unpad) again present an achievement. This time an award from Geoscience Industrial Week 2017, organized by University of Malaya, Malaysia, was won by the students of the Faculty of Geological Engineering.

The Unpad delegation grabbed the first place in the category of Oil Rig Design Competition. The team consists of Grida Viantiska Aprilia, Fauzan Luqman, Akbar Sujatmoko, Anggita Fitri Anatiyo Pamuji, and Inayah Chaerunnisa.

Meanwhile, another Unpad delegate also successfully won the second position in the Geoquiz category. It consists of Sukja Fajria Sa’adah, Rizki Satria, and Dian Rahma Yoni.

“We actually did not expect to be the champion. We did hope to win something, whatever it would be. But when it was announced we got the first place, we were so surprised,” said Akbar like published on the Unpad website on Monday (5/1).

In the competition, the participants were asked to make an oil rig model, an installation for oil drilling, within 2 hours using materials prepared by the committee. Once finished, the participants presented their work, followed by floating test and loading test.

In the Oil Rig Design Competition, Unpad team became the only team from Indonesia. Nine teams were competing in the Oil Rig Design Competition, namely Padjadjaran University (Indonesia) 1 team, University of Technology Malaysia (1 team), National University of Malaysia (2 teams), Science University of Malaysia (2 teams), And University of Malaysia Kelantan (2 teams).

While in the category of Geoquiz, Unpad had to acknowledge the superiority of the team from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) as the first winner. In this competition, Unpad sent 2 teams to compete. In total there were 12 teams from Indonesia and Malaysia competing in the Geoquiz.

In the Geoquiz, the participants were asked to answer questions related to Geology, from basic science to applied knowledge. A number of questions must be answered by the participants appropriately and quickly. The competition itself consists of 2 rounds, preliminary and final.

Before joining the competition, the students prepared for about a month. Previously, an internal selection was conducted to select which students were eligible to represent Unpad in Geoscience Industrial Week 2017.

The achievement is expected to become a motivation for other students to keep the good work.

“From the experience I got with my friends here, there is nothing impossible. If we want it, and there is a target, a goal, a hope, and a dream then we will find a way to get there; as long as we want to try. In essence, try to grab all the opportunities we have, because we do not know which opportunity is bringing the sweet fruit,” Akbar said.