UGM’s Landslide Research Becomes World Reference


The reputation of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) is again recognized by the world. This time, UGM’s research team for Security and Resilience has successfully bring the research work on early warning of land movement called `Community-based Landslide Early Warning System` to be further processed as ISO 22327.

The team, consisting of UGM Rector Dwikorita Karnawati, Teuku Faisal Fathani, Wahyu Wilopo and supported by Deputy of Research at National Standardization Agency (BSN) Nyoman Supriatna and Director of Disaster Risk Reduction at National Agency for Disaster Management (PRB BNPB) Lilik Kurniawan, got positive approval from 19 countries in ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting in Jeju, South Korea, on April 24-28, 2017. No country voted negative, 18 countries abstained, and 12 countries committed to participate.

“This is the first developing country’s work in history which has been successfully taken into the international standardization system through ISO to become the world reference, especially in Security and Resilience for landslide prone areas,” Dwikorita said on Monday (5/1).

Dwikorita further said that the system developed by UGM is considered very important and strategic in providing safety and resilience in landslide prone areas with complex societal conditions.

This system consists of seven sub-systems, namely risk assessment, dissemination of knowledge (spreading information on landslide disaster mitigation and how to prevent or respond appropriately), establishment of disaster preparedness and response team, development of evacuation route and map, development of standard operational procedures; monitoring, early warning and evacuation drill, and commitment of the local government and community on the operation and maintenance of the whole system.

“This system has been applied in 25 provinces in Indonesia, even in China and Myanmar, and has been tested in several rescue efforts in villages or landslide prone areas because this is a Socio-Technical Hybrid that integrates technical and socio-cultural systems and is reinforced by technical and human censorship,” explained Dwikorita.

With the ‘Community-based Landslide Early Warning System` by UGM is being processed as an ISO 22327, Indonesia has succeeded in strengthening its role and position as the world reference country in the field of mitigation technology for landslide disasters. This position is very strategic to be developed further, so that Indonesia could become a disaster mitigation technology country at the same level with other disaster technology of industrial countries such as Japan, China and America.