Easy to Adapt, Top Student of President University Continues Study in China with Scholarship

President University

CIKARANG, presidnetpost.com – Currently we have entered the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era marked by the emergence of supercomputers, smart robots, unmanned vehicles, genetic editing, neurotechnology development, financial technology (fintech), and so on. However, the innovations were mostly produced by researchers abroad.

That was the reason why Melvin Harsono wants to become a researcher, by continuing his master’s degree (S2) education at Beijing Jiaotong University. The 22-year-old man has long been interested in electronic, programming, math, and physics.

In 2013 Melvin decided to study at the Electrical Engineering Department of President University. He chose President University for learning English as well since most of the lecturers graduated abroad. The first child of 2 siblings feels lucky to have studied at President University because it provides internship.

“I once apprenticed at PT Denso Indonesia. I was tested beforehand and managed to get A. Here I learned the industry. In fact, I gave an input to PT Denso to make the productivity of one of its products better. Although my knowledge is basic electrical engineering, I learned the industrial engineering during the internship, so I’m ready for work,” said Melvin, who has a life motto “always learn from experiences”.

As a student, he was active in several organizations and participated in competitions.

“I was active in the Robotic Club President University Major Association of Electrical Engineering (PUMA EE) as a secretary for 2 periods (2014-2015 & 2015-2016), taking care of everything related to the proposals, reports and documentation of correspondences. I do have passion in organizing data. I was also active in KMB (Family of Buddhist Students) Ashokavardana, although I did not hold any position but I often helped organize events,” said Melvin, who is the Electromedic Competition Finalist at UMY.

Wanting to be a technology inventor

After graduating from President University in 2017, the Pontianak origin got a S2 scholarship from Beijing Jiaotong University.

“I wanted to learn more about my thesis entitled Brain Computer Interface (BCI) for Land Mobile Robot Control Using Attention and Eye Blink Detection of FP1 Brodmann Atlas. Then, my supervisor, Dr. -Ing Erwin Sitompul recommended the Beijing Jiaotong University. Then, I signed up and managed to get full scholarship from CGS (Chinese Government Scholarship) to study in China,” said Melvin, a graduate with GPA 3.89.

Currently, he lives in Beijing Jiaotong University Dormitory, where he is easily adapting to the new environment.

“Here are a lot of international students. Because I was from President University, I have no trouble in terms of communication. I also use Mandarin to communicate with local people,” Melvin said.

He chose China, because the country is leading in technology. Melvin pointed out, in Beijing they began to apply non-cash system using WeChat pay and Alipay for transactions in stores even street hawkers. Thus, here he can further learn the computer technology.

“I aspire to be a researcher, and my big dream is to become a technology inventor. I also want to set up a company that combines BCI and Virtual Reality (VR) for a better future to human,” said Melvin, who wants to be a conceptor and creates more conceptors in Indonesia, especially in computer technology.

According to him, the technology development in Indonesia is still standard and lack of adequate facilities while relies on the imported ones. The solution to make Indonesia’s technology to not left behind is preparing its human resources.

Indonesia should have more conceptors in computer technology, while the entrepreneurs should contribute in the Research and Development (R&D) so that the computer technology can grow and no longer depend on the applications from other countries. (PU/TPP)